When the [IN] Initiative started, I was unemployed. After hearing Pastor Bill’s sermons, I decided to make an [IN] commitment anyway. I had never given to the church before, and I knew it was time for me to start giving back to God.

welcome-to-illinoisShortly after that, I was happy to accept a job offer — but it was located in Chicago. I packed up and moved south in May, leaving Wisconsin and Christ The Rock behind.

Although I could no longer attend Christ The Rock each week, I had a decision to make about whether or not to continue giving toward my [IN] commitment. I decided that I had made a promise, and I intended to keep it. Even though I hadn’t found a new church yet, I figured I could still keep giving to God and the work He is doing.

Because I had never tithed before, it was really important to me to keep that promise. So even though I live in Chicago now, I’m still [IN]!

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