God is truly in the details — even in something like purging classroom and office supplies for [IN] construction! Other local churches are being blessed through your generosity. Here’s how:

I enjoy organizing. Schedules, closets, drawers, rooms — I love it all! So when demolition and construction became realities after everyone made their [IN] commitments, I was eager to start sorting through our building. We needed to purge and downsize to make room to store many, many items as first floor rooms were emptied for demolition and construction.

Room by room, I worked with the right people to decide what we needed to keep, and what we had too much of. I had some wonderful volunteers helping me during the two weeks of blissful organizing and culling extra or duplicate items.

We decided that usable items would go to places where they would bless others. Our recipients would be other local churches and the Fair Market Thrift Store, which supports Christian education.

I had no idea how amazing the whole experience would be! Here are a few stories:

All of the extra items were neatly arranged and displayed for one week, so churches could send staff or volunteers at their convenience. Items included vases and floral decor, baskets, games and toys from Son Harbor and Student Ministries, tables, shelving, paper, file racks, and books from the library.

A small, three-year-old church from downtown Appleton sent people over. We filled carts and boxes to take to their van. It was like watching kids in a candy store: “Look, vases to decorate with!” “Some acrylic stands for signs at the reception desk!” “Can we take some of this paper?” (That paper is now a double blessing — it was first donated and used by CTR, and now a portion of it will be used by another church too!)

Can you imagine being a smaller, new church — just like CTR once was — and being given items that you can’t afford to purchase in your early ministry days? Such joy was written across their faces! And such joy was in my heart being part of sharing what CTR has with others who are also spreading the Gospel in the Fox Valley.

We received a letter of thanks, explaining that now they don’t have to rent or borrow and haul tables. Now they have some of their own! A few weeks later, I was invited to a mother/daughter event at their church. I saw our vases and floral decor being used, and some CTR carpet squares they had picked up just days earlier, now covering the cement floor in their basement.

Another church took many library books and is starting a library for their small congregation.

Another church came with a translator, and as they were looking and packing some items, asked about an artificial tree between some bookcases. I said “You are the proud owner of that tree!” Such smiles! Such appreciation.

Helping them load their cars and vans, thanking them for coming, and hearing their stories has been one of many experiences I’ve enjoyed at CTR. As we grow to be more like Him in our generosity, He is bringing us unplanned opportunities to bless others — and creating new connections with churches who share our desire to spread the Gospel right here in our own neighborhoods.


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