The first floor has been ringing with the sounds of hammers and power tools as volunteers began removing fixtures, taking out ceilings, knocking down walls and removing carpets. All of the demo work is part of the [IN] Initiative projects to renovate and improve Son Harbor and Children’s Ministry classrooms after 14 years of serving hundreds of children each week.

People of every age have helped. On Sunday, April 10, dozens of volunteers helped move classroom items to the basement to clear out the first floor. Many families helped with the move after services, and even young kids helped carry items downstairs.

Then, the following weekend, Son Harbor kids helped tear down walls! With supervision, they broke through drywall and had a blast! A mom called the office to share how much her 9-year-old enjoyed being given a hammer to play a part in creating the new spaces.

A ladies’ small group that’s been meeting for over 10 years showed up at the construction volunteer check-in. They had been a little reluctant to come at first, thinking “what are WE going to be able to help with?” The “Deconstruction Captain,” however, had the perfect job lined up for them: together, they removed every doorknob and latch in the Son Harbor wing!

During the week, volunteers who are contractors, retirees, night shift workers, and people who are temporarily unemployed have all come to help. Last Wednesday night, students in Amped and NarrowPath helped by tearing out carpeting – tackling the job with energy and gusto! It has been an amazing beginning – and though the volunteers have come from so many different walks of life, everyone shares the same passion to love Him well with their time, skills, and willing hands.

The building renovations are off to a fantastic start on one of the most important goals of the [IN] Initiative: 100% participation! Thank you to each person who has helped so far!

Demolition of First Floor Children’s Wing Wall – 4/21/2016 from Christ The Rock Community Church on Vimeo.

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