My wife Mary Alice and I are excited about [IN] and what God is doing at Christ The Rock! Although we have only been attending Christ The Rock for about a year, we feel like this is our church and we are connected. (We know it’s really Jesus’ church!)

We took the long route to arriving at CTR. After the church we were attending closed its doors, Mary and I started looking for a new church home. After a few years of trying different churches in the Valley, we decided to give Christ The Rock a try. I had never been part of a congregation this big. Most of the churches I had attended were about 100 people, providing an intimate setting for people to talk about their faith. At first, CTR reminded me of an airport with all the activity and flux of persons.

gregWe got to know Pastor Bill and some other leaders at a Welcome Lunch, where we were encouraged to join a small group. We found one that met Sunday afternoons, started attending, and have been part of it ever since. As we have continued to attend CTR, we are becoming more involved in volunteering and other activities.

We love meeting with our small group, I am part of Men Of The Rock every other Monday, and Mary Alice helps with childcare for Moms Inc. on Tuesday mornings. We both appreciate the messages we hear every Sunday, and the teaching is really making a difference in our lives. There is a wealth of good stuff for anyone who is looking to pump up their spiritual life, and I feel we are only getting started!

And with the [IN] Initiative, we are looking forward to seeing even more people reached for Jesus! I am grateful to those who were involved in making the [IN] Initiative a reality. There certainly isn’t anything that can come against us if God is for us! He has done great things, and I believe He wants to do much more!

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