A team from Christ The Rock travelled to Haiti January 31-February 8, 2016. Together with five other evangelistic organizations, the team provided outreach events to the cities of Ouanaminthe, Haiti and Dajabon, Dominican Republic.

Christ The Rock’s and Life Promotions’ role during the trip was to serve in Haiti. We provided medical and school outreach teams, and helped lead a children’s program during Lifest festival. The medical team provided care for 934 people in five days.

Bob Lenz spoke at the festival on the evening of Saturday, February 6 to over 14,000 people. Thousands of Haitian attendees responded to the Gospel during the medical clinics, the outreaches at the schools, parks, and during Lifest.

He is the God of thousands, yet He still cares about the one. Here is just one example from this trip:

A young Haitian couple heard a medical team was in the area. They brought their 3 week old baby girl to the clinic asking for help. Their baby had suffered 1st and 2nd degree burns over 60% of her body the night before from contact with boiling water. They had been to a local hospital who provided the minimal care they had available and sent the family away. The baby’s condition was critical and had the medical team not been there, she would have died. A number of the medical team provided critical care for the baby, found a hospital in a city some distance away that had the capability to care for the baby, drove the family to the hospital, and covered the expenses the family would incur.

All told, over 70,600 people were reached through school assemblies, medical clinics, worship services, jail visits, clothing giveaways, the Lifest events, and outreaches in neighborhoods and parks. Over 11,700 indicated a decision for Christ – changing their lives in the here and now, and their futures for eternity!

It was such a privilege see God at work in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and be part of a church body that is committed to sharing His love around the world! Thank you for praying and supporting this team!

Check out this video courtesy of Lucky Lindy Media: A Visual Love Letter to the People of Haiti

2016 Haiti Medical Trip (2) 2016 Haiti Medical Trip (1)

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